JamKraft Authentic Jamaican Kraft


About me: 

I grew up in Jamaica in a small town in the mountains. I lived a simple life and enjoyed the simple pleasures of everyday Jamaican laid back lifestyle. Coming to the American lifestyle I realized that a lot of the simple pleasures from Jamaica just were not accessible here. I turned to the most common medium to transport me back to Jamaica: our music. Listening to all the reggae and dancehall of any era made me feel at home again, and it wasn’t just the music. Every time I saw a “rasta” belt or “rasta” necklace I thought about home. That got me thinking about how other Islanders must feel when they leave their beautiful homelands and go to other great lands to live.    

That is how JAMKRAFT was born. I have made arts and crafts, clothing and accessories, and the universal language of music available to all the islanders- and admirers of islanders- all over the world. When people get their items in the mail and then leave a feedback saying how much they enjoy their item it makes me feel good because I know that somewhere someone is happy with their island product.

I sell not only Jamaican items, but also items from most of the Caribbean islands and even some Hispanic countries. Everyone loves their homeland and even other lands too, so this website benefits you whether you are here to support your homeland, or admire a distant far land that you find intriguing.

My goal is to one day expand JAMKRAFT so that people all over the world can enjoy the benefits of having a sentimental item representing a place they love easily obtainable through just one click on JAMKRAFT.  You will be able to browse through countries you’ve never been to before, a sort of online preview of their culture, just by browsing through crafts and jewelry of that country. It would be like taking a virtual tour while looking at a gift shop at your own sweet pace with no one to bother you.

I am still working on JAMKRAFT and I will forever be improving it and changing it for the better so my customers will be happy and keep visiting my store. I frequently make changes to it and since it is hard for me to simply be satisfied with the store as is, I am always working on it, even when I am doing other things.

I am always open to suggestions and my customers are always asking me questions and giving me ideas for improvement. This is one of the benefits of having an online store with one on one communication- I can always help my customers if they need it. If you are not already a customer of JAMKRAFT then if you ever do become one, you will enjoy the nice “irie” laid back vibe and ease at which you can communicate with the “bossman” of the store. If you are a regular then you know I can be casual and laid back and I’ll usually negotiate or just cut a price down for you with “no problem man.” Besides the laid back atmosphere of my store, customers enjoy first class service and my own personal determination (and store policy) that “if I don’t have it in my store then I will find it for you (or at least search thoroughly and diligently).”    

I would really like to thank each and everyone of you that has purchased anything from me. You’ve been a big support to me, thank you. I am glad you are taking the time to read my About Me page. I hope as time progresses I will become more adept at managing my store, and that my visions for JAMKRAFT will become a reality. While I hope all these visions become substance, I also hope that the intimate and familiar “small shop” atmosphere of the store will not be lost. JAMKRAFT will continue to grow and change for the better. Again, thank you all for being great customers and I invite you to stay with JAMKRAFT and watch as it transforms over the years, and keep enjoying all the benefits of being a JAMKRAFT customer. For now you can follow JAMKRAFT through its facebook page for updates and exciting competitions and give-aways! 

Thank you for reading the About me page.

Marco Persad