Jar's Kreation's  By "Jhenelle Rudd"


 Name        -FOREVER REMIX
 Size           - 8" x 11"
 Medium     - Watercolor Paint & color pencil
 Artist         - Jhenelle Rudd

 Price         - $SOLD


Name        -Coffee Moon
 Size           - 7" x 10"
 Medium     - Watercolor
 Artist         - Jhenelle Rudd

 Price         - $SOLD


Name         -Blue Madonna
 Size           - 16" x 20"
 Medium     - Acrylic on Canvas
 Artist         - Jhenelle Rudd

 Price         - $4000

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The Madonna is a symbol of mother and child and has been a part of society for centuries. The most popular image of the Madonna is the Virgin Mary holding baby Jesus, their halos shining radiantly. Many variations have existed in many cultures and societies, often referred to as fertility goddesses, or simply as mother and child.

Blue Madonna has several hidden images throughout the piece. If you look closely you can see a very simplified version of the symbol on the motherís forehead. In the moon is an embryo, the place we all started. In the background dark images of impending dangers mothers face while rearing their children lurk. There is also a comforting figure in the background offering a hand on this young motherís shoulder, an angel to guide her in her quest to keep her precious miracle safe and sound. The blue itself speaks of the original story of Mary, the virgin mother, who in her time wore a blue shawl, symbolizing she was a virgin. Blue is seen in many cultures as a color of purity. The purest of loves is the love of a mother for her child. There are little forces known to man that are able to out the blue fire of love between a mother and her child.  


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