Hi, welcome to JamKraft.com, it's not finished yet, but I hope to have in done very soon.
Thanks for checking it out.

I would also like to thank all

My Friends
Mizanne, Marlando, Sanj, Ten Ten, Keisha, Keiana, Athina, Vanda, Dayne, Keleen, Cristal, Clinton, David, Indu, Nicole, Domonic, Danielle, Andrew, Delano, Marvin, Kacey-ann, Chris, Roger, Kimberly, Theila, Johnny, Josh, Eric(more to come soon)

My Family
Mom & Dad(RIP, Will always remember all the support he gave me no matter what"), Cris, Shaeen, Johnny, Saheed, Nick, Mario, Dre, Jhenelle, Zarah (My lil Beautiful Girl) Kellee & Shea, Andre & Leeanne, Uncle Ian & Aunt Kay, Aunt Alia & Uncle Edison ,Uncle Harry & Aunt Angela, Ryan & Kevin, Judy, Oscar, Raheem, Sade & Tamara (more to come soon)


Marco Persad Marco@jamkraft.com